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Reliable Septic Services in Barron, WI

We have proudly served Barron County and portions of the surrounding counties since 1988. Our family-owned business is focused on maintaining septic systems to reduce emergency situations and prolong the life of your septic systems.

Brent and Gloria Swan started Care Sanitation in 1988. Son, Joshua Swan, joined full time in 2008. Brent and Joshua both hold the required operator qualifications from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Gloria will usually be the one to answer your call to Care Sanitation.

Wisconsin law now requires most septic systems to be cleaned or at least checked for sludge every three years. The counties administrate this law. We do the required county reporting of septic maintenance. Our average customer has us pump their tank about every 2 years.

 It’s important to not flush any non-biodegradable products like cigarette butts, hygiene products, wipes or paper towels down the drain, as they can clog your pipes, filters and septic tank. 

Whether you need septic tank pumping, sewer clean, sewer line thawing, holding tank pumping or the line to the tank cleaned, you can count on us at Care Sanitation to do a professional job. We also locate buried lids and dig them out upon request.

Call us at (715) 234-6325 the next time septic tank cleaning services are needed at your property.

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We’ve been offering trusted and reliable septic tank cleaning services throughout the Barron County area since 1988. You can trust our locally-owned business to deliver reliable services to your home or business.

Expert Service

With 30 years of experience, you can be assured a knowledgeable professional will do the commercial or residential septic service.  Depend on our company the next time your septic tank needs service.

Service Area

We service all of Barron County and a portion of the surrounding counties, including the areas near the following cities and villages. Almena, WI, Barron, WI, Birchwood, WI, Brill, WI, Cameron, WI, Chetek, WI, Comstock WI, Cumberland, WI, Dallas, WI, Haugen, WI, Mikana, WI, Prairie Farm, WI, Rice Lake, WI, Ridgeland, WI and Turtle Lake, WI.